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Latrikunda is located in the Gambia, the westernmost and smallest country in Africa. Gambia is a very  poor country in commercial terms but a rich country in friendships, family beliefs and tribal customs. Latrikunda is one of the poorest areas of Serekunda, the largest town in Gambia.


CCLK was formed in February 1997 by a group of young Gambian Christians who wanted to give hope to young people who seemed to have no chance of a future. Click on the picture on the right to download a performance of the CCLK 10th Anniversary Song (1.8mb download) by the children. 


CCLK is one of twenty-six societies in St Therese’s Catholic Church based in Latrikunda - one of the largest communities in Gambia’s district number two SereKunda


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The poorest families are unable to afford to educate their children - the children are then unable to get good jobs and remain poor 


CCLK provides education in their Nursery and Lower Basic School as well as grants for older children to further their tuition

There are many teenagers on the streets getting involved in drugs

and criminal activities


CCLK provide vocational training to teenagers and young adults where they can learn marketable skills.

Many people in Gambia will not have heard about the Gospel and will not have a Bible or be able to read the Bible

Older students often tell their parents and relatives and friends about Jesus and read the Bible to them.



The opportunities are enormous - the enthusiasm is amazing - what has been accomplished has made a great difference to hundreds of lives. We have the vision and the energy for our country - but we need help with resources.


*   The Final stage of the construction of our school will be completed by September 2016 - the school being opened in October 2010


Praise God for His provision. See School page for more details and photos 

*   At present teenagers and young adults gain skills in their homes or by visiting businesses or tradesmen


We need money for tools and to establish training workshops

*   Medical facilities are poor or non-existent in parts of Latrikunda - people have to walk many miles to get the most basic of care


We would like to equip one of our buildings as a medical centre

Please will you help us

The Christian Community of Latrikunda is a registered Charity by deed of corporation in the Gambia

Ref No. 490/2002 dated 16th September 2002

For further information contact David Hendry  - david@cclk.org  - (0034) 971 232985